I don’t know what is incomprehensible about Ee. Ma. Yau: Chemban Vinod Jose

Chemban Vinod Jose fetched immense critical response for his performance in Lijo Jose Pelliserry's latest release Ee. Ma. Yau which revolved around the death of a carpenter and his son's attempt to give him a grand funeral. The film is indisputably one of the pathbreaking films of Malayalam cinema. While most of the audience are highly impressed by the making and the realistic as well as fantasy elements in the film, some have said that Ee. Ma. Yau went went over their heads. However, Chemban Vinod says there is nothing incomprehensible about the film. "It speaks about two angels. They can be interpreted as the devil’s angels and God’s angels, or good and bad. Perhaps that’s what confused some viewers," he said.