I am grateful to my fate - Anjan Dutt

Anjan Dutt has been an award-winning actor and super-hit singer-songwriter in his career. With 'The Bong Connection' he started his career as a director where he attracted a young and niche audience and delivered hits like 'The Bong Connection', 'Chalo Let's Go', 'Madly Bangali' and Byomkesh series. However, not all of his movies were successful. The muti-talented man still calls himself 'soarly misunderstood' and a misfit in 'typical Tollywood.' "I am grateful to my fate that I am still a competitor to Srijit and Mainak, who are much younger than me. Even in 62, I am competing Srijit, Arindam, Pratim, in the arena of singing, I compete Anupam and Rupam and not Aparna Sen or Gautam Ghose. I don't want to be slotted," says the director of 'Hemanta' who is happy to be called as 'dada' and not uncle by his next gen filmmakers.
Hemanta Anjan Dutt