Harisree Ashokan shares his memories about Kalpana

Harisree Ashokan has some of the best comedy sequences to his credit. His movie clips are even most sought- after for memes. He recollects his days as a comedian in films and says that he was paired mostly with the late comedian actress Kalpana. Both of them have given us a laugh-riot as they have collaborated in many movies as a couple. Ashokan says that their best comedy sequences were in Aramana Veedum Anjoorekarum. Kalpana had even attended Harisree Ashokan's daughter's marriage before she left the world. The actor is debuting as a director with An International Local Story which is a comedy thriller and has a huge star cast like Manoj K Jayan, Salim Kumar, Dharmajan, Kalabhavan Shajohn and many more.

Harishree Ashokan Kalpana An International Local Story