Harish Shankar Remembers EVV Satyanarayana

Director Harish Shankar knows the mass audience pulse very well. Now he is teaming up with Pawan Kalyan for his next film. On the occasion of  EVV Satyanarayana's birthday today, Harish shared his thoughts and recalled the glory of EVV as a director. Harish shared, "EVV worked hard to become and stand as a director. Despite the failure of his first film 'Chevilo Puvvu' EVV never lost hope. He went ahead with great confidence. He always looked confident. There was a good sense of humor in the films he made. But the film 'Aame' which was directed by EVV surprised everyone. Really it was a remarkable film in his career.. a film that made him proud. Who can forget such a director?"

Harish Shankar