‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ banned in Pakistan

The censor board of Pakistan which was yet to take decision on the screening ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’, has finally prohibited it from running in theatres. As per the reports, the panel was not satisfied in two cases – a scene picturised on Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan’s Father of the Nation and the other Piyush Mishra’s portrayal as Pakistani policeman. Producer Anand L.Rai has objected on the ban by saying, “The censor board of Pakistan saw the film and they loved it. They wanted us to cut a minor part of the film. We agreed to it. Initially, I was told that the film is clean. Later, we were informed that a Ministry in Pakistan had objected to the film. As a filmmaker, the only greed I have is that the movie should reach a larger audience. The political reason for which a film is banned has nothing to do with a common man.”