Gully Rowdy 6 Days Collections: Heading Towards Flop

Sundeep Kishan starrer Gully Rowdy was released on September 17th on a huge number of screens. Despite no competition from Tollywood releases, the film failed to score big at the box office. The film which has been collecting very low numbers has seen a dip in collections on its 6th day. The film collected a share of Rs. 14 lakhs on the 5th day and it dropped to Rs. 9 lakhs on the 6th day. The total worldwide share so far is Rs. 1.78 Cr while the worldwide gross is Rs. 3.15 Cr. In the Telugu states, the film collected a share of Rs. 1.73 Cr, with a gross of Rs. 3.02 Cr.

Gully Rowdy Sundeep Kishan