Guinness Pakru: I have been shouldering responsibilities since childhood

Guinness Pakru (Ajay Kumar) has been in the film industry for quite a while now and has played diverse roles. He even holds the Guinness record for the shortest actor (76 cm) playing a full length character in the movie Albuthadweep. He also holds the record for the shortest director to direct a film, Kuttiyum Kolum. He will next be seen in Madhav Ramadasan's Ilayaraja. He plays a peanut seller in the movie who shoulders the responsibility of his family since childhood. Guiness Pakru says that his real life was no different either. His childhood was not a bed of roses with fun and play. He says that he used comedy just as a part of his actor-job, but otherwise he was quite a serious man.

Ilayaraja Madhav Ramadasan Ajay Kumar (Guinness Pakru)