Guiness Pakru: This Was A Role I could Not Deny

Guinness Pakru's intense movie Ilayaraja will release on 22 March. He plays a peanut seller Vanajan who tries hard to eek out a living through his modest business. The film also has a plot where a boy related to Vanajan is a genius in chess and who aspires to be a great chess player. The movie by Madhav Ramadasan had turned quite a few eyes with an intriguing trailer. Pakru says that he was quite jubilant when Madhav had asked if he could do the role of Vanajan. The director has a track record of making award winning movies like Apothecary and Melvilasom that had great stars in them. He felt elated for having being chosen and could easily relate to the character from his own life's experiences.

Ilayaraja Madhav Ramadasan Ajay Kumar (Guinness Pakru)