'Guha Manab' director says sorry to this actress!

Paromita Munsi's debut film 'Guha Manab' releases today. The trailer has already grabbed audience's attention. Based on Shirshendu's novel of the same name, the film revolves around ex-army man Batakrishna and his daughter-in-law Pinki. Actress Amrita Chattopadhyay was initially been roped in to play Pinki. According to Paromita, "At that time, some of my disguised enemies advised me to replace Amrita. She won't be able to do justice with the role, they told. Somehow, I got affected by their constant comments and I replaced her just three days before the shoot. Kanchana is an old friend who promptly agreed to play the role. However, I am ashamed of my action and I want to say sorry to Amrita," said Paromita.