Govind Vasantha's transformation from a body shaming victim to a fitness freak will amaze you

Govind Menon aka Govind Vasantha was known to many as the lead member of music band Thaikkudam Bridge till Tamil superhit 96 happened. But he was a popular composer even before 96 was a hit.  But life was not all rosy for this young talent. People did not lift him up for his music but put down him down for his physical looks. He took to his social media to reveal how an over-weight person can be body shamed till he succumbs to depression and and how he can be cocooned into a shell. Now, Govind is proud of flaunting his chiselled body as he fought against body shamers by hitting the gym. On account of his gym anniversary, he penned a long post as how an over-weight person can be harassed for his looks. People!! Time to introspect.

Govind Menon 96 (Tamil)