Gokul Suresh gives a peek into Sayanna Varthakal and it is intense

Sayanna Varthakal, directed by Arun Chandu, stars Gokul Suresh and Dhyan Sreenivasan in lead roles. Looking like a preview to what to expect, the makers have released a minute long video of some of the honest people who acted as crusaders and took up the fight for corruption but paid a hefty price for being honest. The film takes on the corrupt practices that thrive everywhere and people who paid a price with their lives for opposing powerful and big names. Looking at the visuals, it looked intense and gripping. Gokul Suresh plays Ravi Kumar in the film. There are also eye-opener statements and the film looks like a take on rampant corruption in the country. 

Gokul Suresh Sayanna Varthakal Dhyan Sreenivasan Arun Chandu