Gokul Suresh accuses producers of stalling film over his political connections

Gokul Suresh is facing a new issue. He has accused the producers of his film Sayanna Varthakal of stalling the work owing to his political campaigning. As we are aware that his dad Suresh Gopi had contested the Lok Sabha polls, the star kid took a break from acting to campaign for his dad. Gokul alleges that it has irked the producers and all is not well between them resulting in a cold war. Though the producers have clarified that all is well with the film, Gokul feels otherwise. He says that other producers are wary of casting him in their films now. Sayanna Varthakal directed by newcomer Arun Chandu is a satirical take on various political affiliations. 

Sayanna Varthakal Arun Chandu Gokul Suresh