Durga Krishna roped in for Anoop Menon's King Fish

King Fish is a romantic-comedy directed by VK Prakash starring Anoop Menon and Ranjith. Anoop plays Bhaskara Varma and Ranjith plays his uncle Neelakanda Varma and are members of a royal family. Durga Krishna will play Kalindi, a dancer who enters into the life of Bhaskara Varma through cyber-space. Kalindi's entry into the life of both the royals form an interesting element in the movie. Anoop is fondly called Neymeen Bhasi and the film gets its name from 'Neymeen' meaning King Fish. Durga Krishna is currently shooting for Sunny Wayne's Vruththam. King Fish will go on floors on January 27 and will be shot at Kerala, Bangalore and Dubai.

Ranjith Balakrishnan VK Prakash Anoop Menon King Fish