Do you know how Esther Anil transformed from a child artist to a heroine

Esther Anil was a child artist and her most popular role was as the second kid of the lead actor in Drishyam remakes. The 18 year old has debuted as a heroine in legendary film maker Shaji N Karun's Olu. The film falls in the fantasy genre and she played a girl who was submerged into the backwaters but sees the world above every full moon night. The role was challenging to her because she had to presume that she was under water, talk, act and move as if she was submerged. Her stint as a TV show host earned her a role in Olu. She calls acting in Shaji's film a never-to be missed chance. The teenager has now started college education in Mumbai. Her upcoming films are Jack n Jill (Malayalam), Johar(Telugu) and Minmini (Tamil).

Esther Anil Olu