Dileep reveals what he did to hide his tears during shoot of Shubharathri

Shubharathri is a family drama and tells about a real incident that happened in Kollam district. The film has Dileep doing a serious role, a stark difference from his usual comic roles. The film has Siddique doing one of the most pivotal characters and the film revolves around him. Dileep says that the film was too realistic and he choked many times while enacting the scenes. He also said that during the filming of climax tears had welled up in his eyes and he pretended to have headache to hide his emotions from the director. The film directed by KP Vyasan stars Anu Sithara as Dileep's leading lady. The film which released on July 6 is getting positive reports from celebrities and general public.

Anu Sithara Dileep Shubharathri KP Vyasan