Dil Raju Acquires ALL Language Remake Rights Of Naandhi

After a long wait of 8 years, Allari Naresh has finally scored a hit at the box-office in a genre that is way different from the mainstream. Naresh ditched his comic angle and played an intense role in the film Naandhi. Revolving around the story of an innocent man, who is framed and becomes the victim of police brutality as an under-trail prisoner, Naresh has made the audience spellbound with his performance. Receiving positive reviews, the film is holding strong at the box-office. This made the remake rights of the film a hot cake in the trade circles. Before anyone can grab the rights, star producer Dil Raju went a step ahead and acquired the remake rights of all the languages. More details are awaited.

Naandhi Dil Raju Allari Naresh