Did you know Dileep and Shubharathri director were childhood friends?

Dileep's latest film is Shubharathri and it is written and directed by KP Vyasan of Ayal Jeevichiruppundu fame. The actor in a candid chat revealed that both ofthem were childhood friends who dreamt about films. But fearing mockery, they kept their dreams to themselves without disclosing it to others. Shubharathri is their first film together. When KP Vyasan narrated the story to Dileep, his first question was which actor would be cast for the role. Dileep expressed his wish to do the role. That was how Dileep came on board. Siddique was already cast for the role of Mohammed. Shubharathri is based on a true incident that occurred in Kollam.

Shubharathri Dileep KP Vyasan