'Dhumketu' to arrive in this Kali Pujo?

Kaushik Ganguly's much-awaited film 'Dhumketu' release has been stalled for multiple times. The cold war between Dev and Rana Sarkar, two producers of the film has been considered as the reason behind the delay. The rumor has it, the duo has finally sorted out the issues between them! So, 'Dhumketu' might finally release in Diwali. Before that, Dev's 'Cockpit' and Rana Sarkar's 'Cholochitro Circus' will release during Durga Puja. Dev is aiming to come back with a new movie in Kali Puja. We hope the fans get to see the much-anticipated film starring Dev and Subhasree soon.

Dhumketu Kaushik Ganguly Dev Adhikari