Dev and Rana Sarkar's cold war delays the release of 'Dhumketu', again!!

'Dhumketu' ( the comet) is meant to appear suddenly but it seems the movie named 'Dhumketu' is not going to arrive anytime soon. It was told that the film might release in this November. But, the current situation of the film is not showing any improvement. As per a Bengali daily, Dev, who has also co-produced the film, has refused to dub the movie. On the other hand, another producer Rana Sarkar is not ready to think about other options of getting the film dubbed by someone else. Director Kaushik Ganguly, who is a bit upset with the film's delay, left the entire matter on producers' decision. It seems the cold war between Dev and Rana is only affecting the audiences, who are eagerly waiting for the film.

Dhumketu Dev Adhikari