Cute Kunjappan wins hearts, check BO updates of Android Kunjappan

Android Kunjappan, directed by Ratheesh Poduval explored a novel subject. What if a robot comes into the life of an old man who is averse to technology. Well, what may become a reality in the near future was dealt in a poignant manner in the film. Suraj Venjaramoodu delivered a fiery performance as the old man in whose life enters Robot Kunjappan. What happens after that is conveyed with lots of humor. Soubin Shahir too did full justice in a role that can be termed an extended cameo. It is a full on full Suraj film. We cannot miss the robot which was loved by kids and adults alike, for we have never seen a robot this cute. The film is a hit with all and has garnered 5.6 crores in 13 days from Kerala theaters alone.

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21 Nov 19 @ 9:58 AM Kollywood