18 Coming Of Age Films By New Directors That Started A New Era

The last few years have been incredible in Tollywood. We don’t know where this change started but as far as we remember it is Tharun Bhascker who was among the first directors to come up with new-age cinema. With Pellichoopulu he proved that it can be done and with style. Since then, we have seen some well-made films with good stories, performances, and most importantly good intent. All the new-age directors who are mentioned on this list are extremely confident, passionate, and self-aware of what they are doing. Their first two films have been incredible and we can’t wait and see what they bring to the table in the near future. For now, we can only watch their first two movies online and wait for their next films.

Gowtham Tinnanuri Sujeeth Tharun Bhascker Venkatesh Maha Vivek Athreya Nag Ashwin Prashanth Varma Ravikanth Perepu Sankalp Reddy
Coming Of Age Films By New Directors