Chiranjeet reviews 'Projapoti Biskut'

Recently, veteran actor Chiranjeet penned the review of 'Projapoti Biskut' Here is what he has to say about the film - The film is a story of two ordinary people from different cultural background. Srabani, whose mother-in-law has changed her name to Shaon comes from a lower-middle class family while Antor belongs to an elite family. Even after three years of marriage, they don't fall in love but after getting freed from each other they do. Here somewhere the film reminded me of 'The Bicycle Thief'. Aditya is Anindya's discovery and Ishaa is the like of 'Projapoti Biskut'. In comparison to 'Open Tee Bioscope' it's a bit dull and not that vocal. 

Anindya Chatterjee Projapoti Biskut Chiranjeet