'Chhaya O Chhobi' premiere turns out to be a star-studded event!

'Chhaya O Chhobi' movie premiere, which took place at a multiplex in Kolkata turned out to be an event full of glitz and glamor in the presence of the stars. Present was director Kaushik Ganguly along with his spouse Churni Ganguly, who plays a filmmaker in this film within the film. Actress Koel Mallick and Priyanka Sarkar looked gorgeous in beautiful attires. 'Maacher Jhol' star Ritwick Chakraborty also attended the special screening and posed for the camera as well. Also starring Abir Chatterjee, the film hit the screen on last Friday.

Koel Mallick was present at the premiere of 'Chhaya O Chhobi' premieretrue Movie Premiere - 104288073458393Priyanka Sarkar and Kaushik Ganguly at 'Chhaya O Chhobi' movie premierePriyanka Sarkar was present at the premiere of 'Chhaya O Chhobi' premiereRitwick Chakraborty was present at the premiere of 'Chhaya O Chhobi' premiereRitwick, Koel, and Priyanka looking gorgeous in 'Chhaya O Chhobi' premiere
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