Check how Tovino and Samyuktha had fun playing with ice

Tovino Thomas and Samyuktha Menon were one of the much loved on-screen jodis of Mollyowwd in 2018. The pretty lady also made a cameo in Tovino's Uyare. The two will take head to head in Tovino's cop film Kalki where the lady plays the antagonist. However, the lovely pair will soon be seen together in Swapnesh Nair's Edakkad Battalion 06. The film has Tovino playing a military man. A few scenes of the film were shot at Ladakh. The location was picturesque with white ice and both the actors had ample fun throwing chunks of ice at each other. The music composer of the film Kailas Menon had shared the video on his social media page. Check the COOL video here.

Tovino Thomas Samyuktha Menon Edakkad Battalion 06 Swapnesh K Nair Kailas Menon