Cecily's character from Prithvi's Pavada has a striking resemblance to a real person

Prithviraj's Pavada is based on how life turned topsy-turvy for a woman, where obscene clips that claim to be hers, were attached to her movie. The movie ends on a happy note, but unfortunately, there is a real person named Shobha from Thodupuzha, who was affected due to an objectionable viral clip that claimed to be hers. The clip that leaked on whatsapp ended her marriage. Ever since, Shobha fought legal battles to prove her chastity, atleast to her kids and the brave woman did prove her innocence. Pavada's Script writer Bibin Chandran admits that he knew about Shobha  through some of his friends in the media industry and was happy that he could touch upon a contemporary issue in his film.