#CBIforSSR: A Step Towards Justice, Says Bengali Celebs

As CBI takes over the Sushant Singh Rajput death case investigation, the fans are now feeling hopeful. Bengali celebs also welcomed the SC decision. “I can only say if there’s any wrongdoing, justice will prevail," said Byomkesh Gotro director Arindam Sil. Ankush, however, is overjoyed with the decision. "God is there. Finally, it’s CBI for Sushant Singh Rajput. I am super happy. There will be no more injustice to real talent,” said the actor. "It's the power of collective voices," says Darshana Banik. "Finally, Sunshine. Hope. Justice. #CBItakesover #CBIforSushant" tweeted Sushant's co-star from Dil Bechara. "It’s definitely a step towards bringing justice," said Rituparna mourning the loss of SSR.