"Budhia was selected after auditioning 1200 kids": Soumendra Padhi

Giving an insight on his upcoming directorial ‘Budhia Singh: Born To Run’, filmmaker Somendra Padhi has shared about how he and his team did an extensive research before making the film. He told that they interacted with Budhia’s neighbours, relatives, doctors and the late Biranchi Das’ wife to keep the facts real. “The film only portrays Budhia from the age of four to six but there is so much disparity between what was written and the actual story. Even the slum people have different versions so it was complicated,” added the director. Further, talking about the selection for an appropriate candidate, Soumendra claimed that they had to take the audition of 1200 kids before finalising on Mayur, who plays the character of ‘Budhia Singh’ on-screen.