Box office collection: Joker becomes first R-Rated movie to enter $1 Billion club

When Heath Ledger set the bar so high with his phenomenal performance as JOKER in The Dark Knight, it was obvious that comparisons were ahead as the DC comics wanted to make a movie entirely on the Joker character. Now that Joaquin Phoenix played the iconic role, audience can't help but sit in awe of him. After all the weeks the movie is still reaching new milestones. In North America: $317 M, in India: $10.1 M(gross). In South Korea: $38.623 M, in the UK: $68.3 M, in Mexico: $43.72 M, in Australia: $25.684 M, in Russia: $59 M, and in Japan: $40.455 M. Making its worldwide gross a total of $1 Billion. Joker has now become first R-Rated movie to enter $1 billion club! Previously the closest record was of Deadpool ($785M).