Bornoporichoy Gains Momentum As release Approaches

Mainak Bhaumik's thriller Bornoporichoy unites two of the hottest current generation superstars of Tollywood. Fresh off the success of the treasure hunt adventure Durgesgorer Guptodhon (which was Pycker India's Best Movie of the Week), Abir Chatterjee plays a role which Jishhu Sengupta wants to play badly. With both the stars playing characters that can be treated as the two sides of a single coin, with grey shades and all, fans are getting excited to watch their combination on the big screen. With such anticipation, Bornoporichoy is gaining momentum as the release approaches. You can watch the highly anticipated film in the theatres starting from 26 July 2019. 

Jisshu Sengupta Bornoporichoy Mainak Bhaumik Abir Chatterjee