Bong divas point out the charming factors in Abir Chatterjee

It is no secret that Abir Chatterjee is one of the most successful stars of this time. He is also the Bengali actor with a maximum number of female fan following. Although his fan base includes 21 to 50 years old women and he is quite good at flirting, the actor, has, however, has no scandals in his name. Interestingly, that didn't demotivate his female fans. Not only the fans, but his heroines also find him charming. "Abir is good looking and has a great sense of humor. In short, he is charming," says Raima. According to Tonushree, women find Abir's smile attractive. His costar from Durgshgorer Guptodhon Ishaa finds his eyes and the cut marks on his face attractive. What makes Abir attractive? Share your opinion.

Raima Sen Ishaa Saha Abir Chatterjee Tonushree