'Bolo Dugga Maiki' releases in Bangladesh - Check out the hall list!

Made under the banner of SVF, Raj Chakraborty directorial 'Bolo Dugga Maiki' is set to release in Bangladesh today. Starring Ankush and Nusrat Jahan in the lead roles, the movie is a rom-com revolving around Samya, a man with the amazing talent of telling forty lies in a minute! Samya's grandfather (Paran Bandyopadhyay) disowns him for his habit of telling lie and he lands on another problem. Now he has to find Uma (Nusrat) and take her back to her elder brother played by Rajatava. Set at the backdrop of Durga Puja, the movie is a total entertainer. Check out the hall list here.

Nusrat Jahan Bolo Dugga Maiki Ankush Hazra Raj Chakraborty