10 Bollywood - South Indian Star Hero Combinations We Wish To See

With the borders between cinemas are erased and pan-India films gaining traction, not just a combination of regional stars of same language or other languages (in smaller roles), but also Bollywood stars too can be roped in for major roles. No, not someone - a fringe player like Neil Nitin Mukesh or an out of form old timer like Jackie Shroff. We are talking about one on one and on-equal-footing combinations between the like Hrithik Roshan and Mahesh Babu. Or even Shah Rukh Khan with his pan-India appeal and Vijay who has biggest mass following after perhaps Rajinikanth. Or even a combination of all rounders like Allu Arjun and Hrithik. How about Chiranjeevi and Amitabh in Epic Westerns (and properly promoted)?

Amitabh Bachchan - PrabhasAjith -Aamir Khan (Two perfectionists)Amitabh Bachchan - Rajinikanth Ah! Two legends. From two different industries)Hrithik Roshan - Allu Arjun (All rounders. Shoot series cannot get better pair than this. Abhishek has to hire someone like Prabhas to be on his side)Hrithik Roshan - Mahesh Babu (Hey, you have to bring Miss World and Miss Universe for them)Prabhas - Hrithik Roshan (India’s Greekest of the Greek Gods and The Baahubali himself. Sky is the limit for the action sequences)Rajinikanth - Akshay Kumar (again) (Why not? This time with a proper script. 1000 Cr. is easypeasy)Ram Charan - Tiger Shroff (Action action action. Epic epic epic)Salman Khan - Chiranjeevi (Nearly happened with Lucifer remake. Mother of Multi-starrers)Vijay - Shah Rukh Khan (Pan-India star and Vera level mass hero)
Bollywood - South Indian Star Hero Combinations We Wish To See