Bollywood Greek God Confesses His Misjudgment On Beauty Queen Aishwarya Rai

As the saying goes we can't judge a book by its cover, we should not judge a person by the way they look. Bollywood Greek God Hrithik Roshan too encountered this as he misjudged beauty queen Aishwarya Rai. There was a time when Hrithik presumed Aishwarya as a pretty face with no talent. Yes, Hrithik himself confessed this in one of his old interviews. Sometimes beauty will hide talent, quipped Hrithik. He further explained that he came to know how foolishly he underestimated her after seeing her commitment, consistent focus, and her approach to work on the sets of the film Dhoom 2 (which was the duo's first film together). Later on, they became one of the most-loved on-screen pair.