Blessy reveals the challenges of silver screen version of Aadujeevitham

Aadujeevitham, based on the novel by Benyamin is directed by Blessy and stars Prithviraj as Najeeb, the Malayalee who was exploited by his Arab employer in the Gulf region. Blessy says that the book has Najeeb recollecting his experience in his soliloquy; but transcending it that way for the big screen would be a boring experience, hence it had to be told differently. Further, cinema being a visual medium, cannot replicate things or events that have a symbolic meaning. There is a possibility of viewers questioning the logic. Thirdly, many readers who are familiar with the book would have pre-set imagination of the life of Najeeb in the desert. Visually presentating the same needed to elevated above all that.