Blast from the past - Kammatipaadam - An unadulterated tale

Kammatipaadam celebrates 4 years today and the film deserves an applause for throwing light on the plight of the downtrodden who had to bear the brunt of urbanization. The plot focuses on how the modern Kochi city was built by shattering the livelihoods of the poor Dalit community. The film is raw, unadulterated, realistic and was a daring attempt at showcasing how the land mafia succeeded in their mission and thrived by trampling upon the dreams of the poor. The film walked away with some of the best categories of recognition at the state awards. Kudos to Director-Cinematographer Rajeev Ravi for making one of the best gangster  Mollywood movies with DQ, Vinayakan (Best Actor) and Manikandan Achari.