Blast from the past - Kaaka Muttai - A beautiful little gem

Kaaka Muttai is a touching story of 2 slum-dwelling kids who yearns to taste a pizza. Unable to afford the costly manna, they try to save money in their own means. The film showed the divide between the have and have-nots and how the poor are perceived by the affluent. The film does not go melodramatic or fantasize poverty but penetrates deep within you. No wonder the kids Ramesh and Vignesh got National and State awards for their roles. Brilliantly backed by Aishwarya Rajesh as their struggling mom, the film by newbie Manikandan is warm, entertaining and appealing and makes us introspect on the many little things that were taken for granted may be unaffordable to a majority. A gem of a film ought not to be missed.

Kaaka Muttai Aishwarya Rajesh