Biopic makers apprehensive about few viewers despite good reviews

Naan Petta Makan, directed by Saji S Palamel and starring Minon John released on June 21. It is the biopic of SFI student leader Abhimanyu who was hacked to death a year back owing to political rivalry. The sensational case got a silver screen adaptation. Minon John looked and lived like Abhimanyu in this touching film. The film had got good response from people who watched it. But what disturbs the makers is the poor crowd in theaters despite getting good reviews for the film. Minon says that he is happy for playing the role but from the perspective of those who toiled for the film, it deserved a better treatment at theaters. Minon said that  lamenting about the film's goodness after it releases online.

Minon John Saji S Palamel Naan Petta Makan