Biju Menon was the first to be onboard for Padayottam says the writer

Ajai Rahul, one half of the writer-duo of the upcoming gangster comedy Padayottam in a recent chitchat shared several interesting tidbits. One of the interesting comments he made was on the usage of Trivandrum dialect of the language. He said that the so-called Trivandrum dialect used in Malayalam cinemas is at best mimicry rather than organic. He also talked about the character Chenkal Raghu played by Biju Menon saying that Biju was the first to be onboard for Padayottam. His character doesn't come from Chenkal Choola but builds a life there. He displays the typical behaviour of that area. Ajai revealed that the film was shot in extreme conditions. 

Biju Menon Padayottam