Bigil lyricist Vivek cyber-bullied by young superstars' fans

Vivek who penned the lyrics for high-octane tracks from Vijay films has catapulted his image higher with songs like Verithanam, Maathare, Singappenne which have become chartbusters. Recently, Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan had given sweet compliments about Tamil actors like Vijay, Ajith and Dhanush in the Q&A session. Vivek had retweeted them. This angered both Ajith and Vijay fans. While Vijay fans attacked him for praising Ajith and questioned his loyalty to Vijay, Ajith fans questioned why he is retweeting about Ajith when he writes only for Vijay films. Vivek diplomatically answered that he felt proud when the top actorof Bollywood had praised Tamil stars and hence retweeted them.