Biggest Flops In The Careers Of 10 Star Actresses

Actresses too play an important role in Telugu commercial and mass movies alongside male actors (just kidding). Why are they not given enough scope? Why are they treated as mere glam dolls? Are they really capable of ACTING? All these questions shall be answered in some other news articles. But the point here is, whether it is the success or flop, the entire credit goes to the male actor and to an extent to the director. What about the actresses? They do their bit to attract and impress the audience and all they get is remuneration and popularity. Where’s the credit? So, today we decided to attribute the credit of a flop movie to them as well. Take a look at the 2 biggest flops of star actresses of Tollywood.

Anushka Ileana Kajal Nayanthara Raashi Khanna Rakul Preet Samantha Shruti Tamanna Trisha
Biggest Flops Of Star Actresses