Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: Rahul Wins The Ticket To Finale!

The latest episode started with a physical tussle between Ali and Baba master in the mud pit task. Despite a warning from Bigg Boss, both Ali and Baba fought violently and that made Bigg Boss cancel the task. He also announced that Ali is out of the race to finals. Later, Rahul- Sreemukhi, Sreemukhi- Sivajyothi played the task in which Rahul and Sreemukhi are announced as the winner. Later, Bigg Boss announced the end of the nominations task. He declared that Ali, Varun, Baba master, Sreemukhi and Sivajyothi are in nominations this week. Rahul with the highest battery levels has won the ticket to finale. Bigg Boss appreciated Rahul for becoming the first contestant to reach the finale in season 3.