10 Best Songs In The Combination Of Mahesh-Mani Sharma

Mahesh Babu has worked with music director Mani Sharma for most of the movies in the first half of his career. Mani Sharma gave some of his best songs to Mahesh Babu and entertained the Telugu audience. It's been over a decade since they teamed up but still the songs in their combination can be heard every now and then. While it's tough to pick only 10 best songs in their combination, we tried. Though the list is not in any particular order, we feel that Alanati Balachandruni from Murari is an all-time classic and will be the must-play song in every Telugu wedding for generations to come. Take a look at all the best songs in Mahesh-Mani Sharma combination in the playlist below.

Mahesh Babu Mani Sharma