Balanchandra Menon spills the bean about his new movie Ennalum Sarath

It is known that actor-director Balachandra Menon is donning the director's rob after a brief gap. His movie Ennalum Sarath is all set to hit theatres on July 27. Meanwhile, the director reveals the reason why he opted for a thriller set against the backdrop of a campus, unlike his previous movies which relied on family and relationships as the central theme. He says that it is when his last directorial Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum, despite receiving the critical favor, sank at the box office, he realized that his audience is at home. "Those who come to theatres are the youth. By youth, I mean those who are trained to know things at close quarters, and they mostly prefer campus films," divulges the director.

Ennalum Sarath Balachandra Menon