Balan Vakeel is winning his case, check the surge in BO Collection

Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel is a movie that fell in genres like comedy, thriller and drama. The film directed by B Unnikrishnan had Dileep playing an advocate,Balan, who faced stammer issues. This led him to being sidelined in his career. When Anuradha played by Mamta Mohandas enters Balan's life, things take a turn and from there on the movie takes a thriller mode. How his life changes due to this case and how he tackles the issue that arose due to it forms the crux of the story. The film is having a successful run at the box office and family audiences are loving the antics of Dileep, Siddique and Aju Varghese. After 11 days at the box office, the Kerala collection stand at 8.07 Crore.

Dileep Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel B. Unnikrishnan