Avengers: Infinity War creates a new record

Yesterday, April 27 was the biggest summer release day in Tamil Nadu, as it was the May Day weekend. The Hollywood biggie Avengers : Infinity War has released huge in Tamil Nadu, in a record 237 screens in English and Tamil and it’s also released across 2000 screens in India. It has got the best ever pre-sale of tickets all over the country including Tamil Nadu. The third installment of the Avengers franchise featuring almost infinite superheroes. The latest information about the film is that it has collected ₹ 40.13 Crore on its opening day, which is the biggest opening day gross of 2018 as of yet, as well the highest for a Hollywood film in India ever.

Avengers: Infinity War (Telugu) Avengers-Infinity War (Tamil) Avengers: Infinity War (Hindi)
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28 Apr 18 @ 3:41 PM Bollywood