Audience want more of Porinju Mariyam Jose, shower them with more love

Mass director Joshiy was back with a bang with Porinju Mariyam Jose (PMJ). The film starring Joju George, Nyla Usha and Chemban Vinod Jose in the title roles is a mass masala entertainer- a specialty of the director. The film is about friendship, betrayal, love and loss. There is no question why Joshiy is truly called the Mass director- the film is a proof of his why he is called so. PMJ released on August 23 and despite Onam releases of prominent actors, PMJ is holding strong at the box office having a great run. It has grossed 15.5 cr from worldwide BO with a blockbuster status in GCC circuits.

Joshiy Porinju Mariyam Jose Chemban Vinod Jose Nyla Usha Joju George