Aparna called me to say I have to lost 10 KG for a character in her film: Shabana Azmi

"If Aparna makes a film in a language that I can speak, she has to cast me, it was my pre-condition," told Shabana Azmi. The ace actress recalled the first phone call Aparna Sen made to her before making 'Sonata'. "She said, I have a character for you for which you need to lose 10 KG!," revealed Azmi, who reduced 5 KG weight for 'Sonata'. "Thankfully Dolon (Shabana's character in 'Sonata') is a foodie," added the actress. On the other hand, Lilete Dubey admitted, "I waited for 15 years to work with Aparna." 'Sonata' has hit the screen today.

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