Anushka Shetty And Prabhas - Not Only A Good On-screen Pair But Also Good Friends

Anushka Shetty and Prabhas are one of the hit and cutest on-screen pair in films. Amidst the rumours of the duo being in a relationship, it was proved that there is nothing of that sort between them, and they share a good friendship bond. Anushka stating Prabhas as her 3 am friend depicts the great friendship bond they share. Here are two more instances when Sweety proved her friendship with Prabhas. In a TV show Cash hosted by Suma, Sweety was asked to choose between films and friendship with Prabhas, and the actress without any hesitation choose friendship with Prabhas as most important than her film career. Suma also asked Anushka to speak about Prabhas and the actress wittily called him as her son.