Anushka's female fans will watch Bhaagamathie with the heroine

Anushka is happy about the success of her latest outing, Bhaagamathie. This high-quality horror thriller has collected nearly ₹ 29.5 crores worldwide share in its opening week. On this occasion, Bhaagamathie’s team is going to organize a grand success tour in several towns in Andhra Pradesh. Bhaagamathie’s success tour will start from Monday i.e Feb 5. Anushka will be watching Bhaagamathie with her Female fans exclusively and special screenings of the movie will be organized for ladies. The success tour schedule follows morning show at Raj Theater, Vijayawada, matinee at Mini Satyanarayana, Eluru and first show at Swamy Theater, Rajahmundry.