Anuraj Manohar-Shane Nigam's Ishq wins the ishq of many noted celebs

Ishq film came with an unusual tagline-Not a love story. After watching it in theaters we would have definitely understood the meaning. It was as explicit as sunlight. The film dealt with a romantic bond between the lead pair Shane Nigam and Ann Sheethal. How the couple gets caught red-handed during a cozy moment and the events that followed were narrated in a gripping pattern. The directorial venture of newbie Anuraj Manohar was like a blow to the manliness of many who thought that they could control their women. The film won the appreciation of audience and many filmi veterans like Beena Paul, Sibi Malayil and Sathyan Anthikad in addition to many politicians like VT Balram, MM Mani, P Sreeramakrishnan.

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